Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Charmin is amazing, always.  Here is their latest amazingness, via buzzfeed.

cartoon bear dressed as thor, cracking the ground with a sword that has a toilet paper roll at the end.
We've Always Been An Asgardian

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bizarmin Strikes Again!!

you know, i can't believe how much of this blog has now been dedicated to charmin, but man if they aren't just so damned wacked out i have to post.  oddly enough, charmin is actually one of my least favorite types of toilet paper.

so, charmin is opening a public restroom in times square for the holidays.

it's actually kind of totally brilliant  people need bathrooms while they're shopping, charmin needs a larger than life sized advertisement in times square a la the m&m store.

unsurprisingly, the restrooms, like everything in times square, are aimed at tourists.
Traveling to the Big Apple this holiday season?  Visit the Charmin Restrooms.  Check out our new location at 142 West 42nd Street.  You'll find 15 clean comfortable restrooms to help you "Enjoy the Go" in the heart of NYC.  It's our holiday gift to you.
the restrooms in times square aren't just places to poo, they're an experience:
Sure, we've got restrooms. But that's not all. Shake your groove thing on our dance stage. Take a load off in one of our lounge chairs. Or grab a photo op with a Charmin Bear.
not just a funny drawing, the bathroom will -really- have a potty dance floor.
yeah, you read that right.  'take a load off' in their lounge chairs.   the webpage also invites us to "Browse our pics to tour the Charmin Restrooms in NYC."  now maybe they're keeping secrets until the restrooms launch, currently 13 hours and 20 minutes from now (there's a countdown clock on the site, to increase our excitement), but all of the aforementioned 'pics' are concept drawings of the space, and not actual photos.  
not sure what those translucent arrows are illustrating.  air flow?
how long will these restrooms stay clean and comfortable, anyway.  i'd guess by the end of thanksgiving day, that shit will be covered in shit.  at the very least i think it will be difficult to keep up with all the tourists urinating on the seats, because you -know- tourists love to urinate on toilet seats "squat".

i'm also expecting there'll be some kind of a charmin shop, maybe a small stand where you can buy annoyingly fluffy toilet paper embroidered with your name or charmin bear key chains with removable tp flakes attached to their butts.  maybe an 'Enjoy the Go' coffee mug?

oh, 'the Go' is charmin's apparently not quite trademarkable euphemism for 'shitting or peeing'.  you know charmin is -all about- confusing frank discussion with obtuse niceties, not saying 'poop' but painting crotch grabbing, pee-dancing, naked bears on the walls.  it twists my mind into knots.  as a footnote to this madness, just check out this charmin ad, a faux grassroots call to arms for finally enjoying our poos.  it is a mangled labyrinth of blunt poo-talk and euphemismo.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Poo Log

i once had a friend named shelby, one of the few people who internet stalking, unfortunately for me since she was rad, does not turn up. she liked to play 'what if some crazy shit' quite a lot.  and she was good at it.  two of the ones that have always stuck with me follow.  only the second has to do with bathrooms.  don't get confused! (feel free to answer in the comments though, if you wish.)

what if...
  • 1. come home and your roommate is having sex, and you can hear them.  they don't know you're home.  then you realize that their sex partner is calling them by your name, and they are calling their sex partner by your love interest's name. they are roleplaying YOU.

    how would you feel?  what would you do?

  • 2. ...your roommate is away, and you need a pencil or some other innocuous thing that you think you might be able to find in their desk without being intrusive.  what you find in their desk is a stack of notebooks, all titled [your name]'s Poops. they're logs of all of your trips to the bathroom: sounds you made, smells, whether you pooped, other details.  and the logs go back to when you first moved in together.

    what, if anything, would you do?

which brings me to the Poo Log (double entendre, i'm assuming, intended).

poo log.  a record keeper.

when you're psyched on your poo, you call your journal 'baby'
available from Herbivore, the Poo Log is more than just a journal with toilets on the cover.  it actually helps you keep track of your poops by providing a ratings scale, dubbed the PQI (Poo Quality Index).

but lest you think you the Poo Log will constrain the creative interpretation of your poop, or try to fit your square poop through a round hole, see that the facing page provides a bit more free form area to fill out, including space for a sketch*.

put your name at the top, so you can share the Log and compare your logs..
the main problem i see with the Poo Log, for me, is simply that it seems like a kind of while-you-poo activity.  once i'm done, i'm kinda done.  but if you like to talk about your poops, and people plug their ears and yell 'tmi', or if your listeners are saddened that you don't remember the details and don't have any sketches, this journal might be just the thing for you!

*do not sketch with poo.  your pages will stick together.  and that's gross.  though some down on it's luck medical laboratory might be able to sell a few of these with some kind of poop sample pack and a postage paid envelope for hard core poop geeks to get real feedback.  synergy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

bathroom buzz has an article outlining "urinals we most want to pee in", which includes several old and gigantic urinals (over 6 feet tall!) but also these single person bathrooms at Bar 89.  i haven't been there, but my friend frank was just telling me about them.  the doors are clear glass when it's unlocked, but once you log the door the 'fog over' so people can't see in.  i don't understand how that works.  maybe double panes of glass and the fog is inside?  maybe magic.  either way, as they say at bucketheadland, neato neato.  

Thursday, August 20, 2009

check this out folks. i found this photo in a craigslist apartment ad for my neighborhood. i saw something like this a while back on apartment therapy or something. it's actually kind of totally brilliant, but damned if it isn't ugly. and odd. and the door implies the bathtub is somewhere else in the apartment. not a totally uncommon thing in nyc where the kitchen bathtub can be appealingly quaint (especially in a place described as a 'tenement'), but for 1700 dollars, it seems a little, um, inappropriate.  makes me wonder about the deregulation of the apartment and whether they are even legally -allowed- to charge that much for it. clearly no renovation has been done in quite some time, and shoddy overpriced renovations are usually how they get the rent raised for regulated apartments. maybe it was never regulated, but that seems unlikely too.

ah, new york city real estate. how i loathe thee. i can't believe i live in a town where having A closet (and i mean literally just one closet) is luxurious.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

more on that

folks, i said i wasn't going to look any further, and i didn't, but The Hater had a different version of the 'pieces left behind' (i want to make a spoof of the left behind series around that as the title/premise) on her page today and it is either far more, or just slightly less disturbing than the interrupted football game one. you decide.

Friday, December 19, 2008

weird tv of the week

there is so much that is awesomely disturbing about this commercial. from the anthropomorphizing of the young bear in a way that makes his nudity seem inappropriate* to the use of shame marketing** to the totally bizarre 'strength test' scene and the intense chasm between the tone and the narrative/subject matter***.

when i was looking for it on youtube, i noticed, a lot of people are uploading these commercials with the bears. i was going to investigate this bear commercial youtube uploader subculture and then i saw this video.

and i think delving any deeper might be too much for me.

*the flecks of tp on his butt emphasize his humanness, his nudity and his playing football simultaneously. but this commercial with humans instead of bears would be... oh my god totally amazing. but also really kind of icky and who would ever do that?

**the idea that "little white pieces" of toilet paper on my ass would be a source of embarrassment or disdain (his dad is so utterly and publicly disgusted) instead of discomfort or unhygiene.

***they go through all the trouble of saying 'bath tissue' and the commercial is absurdly vulgar in general message.

****i wish there was an easy way to format footnotes in a blog post where the reader could just click on the * and it would take them to the note and then you could just click back to where you were reading.